Aesthetic Fixed Braces

at Dentalcare Swindon Orthodontics

Aesthetic Fixed Braces to straighten teeth in Swindon

Fixed clear braces are attached to the teeth by using brackets and wires. As their name suggests, they are fixed on to the teeth and cannot be removed until the end of treatment.

Despite recent innovations with dental braces in recent years and the introduction of clear and removable braces, fixed braces continue to be popular and we continue to offer them because:

  • This dental brace straightens teeth in a very precise manner which often cannot be accomplished using the more modern braces
  • Fixed braces are very versatile and can be used to fix mild teeth straightening cases through to the most severe
  • Fixed braces can space out crowded teeth, straighten crooked teeth, close gaps in your teeth and fix different bite problems including overbite, underbite, open or cross bite

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Aesthetic Fixed Braces

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Benefits of Aesthetic Fixed Braces in Swindon

Benefits of fixed braces at Dentalcare Swindon Orthodontics:


  • Fixed braces are clear and practically invisible
  • Gentle pressure is used with fixed braces to gradually move your teeth, so you experience little or no discomfort
  • With fixed clear braces, your life continues as normal, you can eat and speak as usual plus there is no temptation to keep taking your braces out as with removable braces
  • Fixed clear braces are suitable for all adults of all ages
  • Having your teeth straightened with fixed braces will leave you with a dazzling smile and your confidence will be boosted
  • Our fixed braces are affordable. We offer interest free finance, plus we work with you to budget payments
  • Our consultation and personal approach will determine the type of treatment you need and for how long

Frequently asked questions about Aesthetic Fixed Braces

Do fixed braces hurt?

Fixed braces don’t hurt, but like anything new, they do take some getting used to. You may experience some pressure on your teeth to begin with and this is completely normal. You can take paracetamol if you experience discomfort and try eating soft food whilst you adjust. After the first few days, wearing your braces will become natural.

Do I still need to visit my Orthodontist whilst I’m wearing braces?

Yes, and it’s important that you do this. Your Orthodontist will need to check that your teeth are being kept clean and that you are maintaining a good oral hygiene whilst you are wearing your braces. If your teeth are not kept in top condition, then this can affect your treatment.

How old do you have to be to wear braces and is there an age limit?

We generally recommend that children wait until all of their adult teeth are through before beginning treatment for fixed braces, but your Orthodontist will be able to advise you on this. Adults can wear fixed braces at any age and there is no limit as to when you can start treatment!