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Incognito Braces - an invisible way to straighten teeth

Incognito braces are often referred to as lingual, from lingua, the Latin word for tongue. These hidden braces are mainly used by private adult patients, due to the fact that they are concealed on the inside of the teeth. So they are a very discreet way of straightening your teeth without anyone knowing you’re having orthodontic treatment. This is a great choice for patients who have crooked teeth but have been put off the idea of wearing traditional braces due to the way it changes their appearance.

How does it work?

Incognito braces are similar in appearance to traditional braces, as they have brackets and wires, but their biggest advantage is they sit behind the teeth instead of in front of them. Treatment time can vary depending on how complex your case is.

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Incognito Braces

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Frequently asked questions about Incognito Braces

Will Incognito braces hurt?

Due to the braces being fitted behind the teeth, your tongue may get irritated or sore initially, using salt water mouth wash will help. For some people their speech might be altered a little, but this soon disappears the longer the brace is worn.

Am I suitable for Incognito braces?

These braces are suitable if you have mild to moderate severity of crowded teeth. To know for sure, please get in touch to find out if they are suitable