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Invisalign Teen clear braces in Swindon

Invisalign Teen works just like Invisalignadult braces, but they have been especially made to work for growing teenagers.

Just like Invisalign braces, Invisalign Teen are:

  • Made of thin clear plastic which work by sitting over the top of your teeth to gently move them into position
  • Practically invisible as there’s no brackets, metal wires or elastic bands
  • Removable – you can take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth

Your teeth will be scanned to show a 3D image of how your teeth look now and how they will change on a weekly basis whilst you are wearing your braces. From these images, a series of clear plastic braces will be made for you which you need to change every week in order to accommodate the slight movements of your teeth. Your dentist will check up on your teeth every 6 to 8 weeks.

Invisalign Teen

The difference between Invisalign Teen and Invisalign

The important points to note with Invisalign Teen braces are:

  • Invisalign Teen takes into account the growing jaws and teeth of teenagers, so the aligners have room for adult molars and canine teeth
  • The Invisalign Teen has a blue indicator on the aligners which fades as time goes on. This is helpful in checking that you are wearing the aligner for the correct number of hours per day and to remind you when to change the aligner to the next one in your set
  • With the Invisalign Teen, you get 6 replacement aligners included in your set, in case any go missing during your treatment

Invisalign Teen are a good brace for growing teenagers but because they are a cosmetic form of dental brace, you would have to pay for this treatment. Your dentist can tell you the cost at your consultation. We offer interest free finance to help spread the cost of payments.

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Invisalign Teen

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The advantages of Invisalign teen braces in Swindon

Just like Invisalign braces, there are many reasons why teenagers like the Invisalign Teen brace:

  • Made from a clear plastic, these braces are practically invisible, and most people won’t know that you’re having your teeth straightened
  • You can take these braces out, which means it’s easier to eat, drink, clean your teeth and socialise
  • Treatment time is short. Most patients achieve brilliant results within just months. There’s no need to spend years in braces
  • You can maintain greater oral hygiene with these clear braces because you can brush and floss your teeth as usual
  • Invisalign Teen can help with a range of orthodontic issues including protruding, overcrowding and crooked teeth
  • As you are given all of your aligners upfront, there is less need to visit your dentist for orthodontic appointments

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign Teen

How often can my child take out their Invisalign Teen Braces?

Even though these braces are removable, it doesn’t mean that they can be taken out all of the time. The special blue dot on the Invisalign Teen braces helps you to keep track on whether they are being worn for the correct amount of time. Invisalign Teen needs to be worn for 22 hours a day, so we recommend getting into the habit of only taking them out to eat, drink and brush plus for a special occasion like a school disco.

What happens if an aligner gets lost or broken?

The average teenager is quite likely to lose or break an aligner and so Invisalign Teen have factored this into the treatment. You can claim up to 6 replacement aligners and you should contact your orthodontist as quickly as possible. If you need any further replacements after the 6thaligner, there will be a cost implication.

How do you clean the aligners?

Keeping your aligners and teeth clean is essential to prevent food being stuck to your tooth under your braces which would accelerate decay. Simply brush your aligners with a little toothpaste and remember to brush and floss your teeth before putting your Invisalign Teen braces back in.